We’re a full service web agency, providing bespoke solutions.
We can fulfil all your business’s web design, development and digital marketing needs today and in the future.

GUMPTION web agency Weybridge Surrey

Web Design

We design and build unique websites that truly reflect our clients’ businesses; generate interest among their target audiences; and are responsive, adapting automatically to the visitors screen size.

GUMPTION web agency Weybridge Surrey

Web development

We design and build bespoke web and mobile applications that help to give our clients a competitive advantage by streamlining business processes, making their organisations more scalable (and more saleable).

GUMPTION web agency Weybridge Surrey

Digital marketing

We make sure our clients’ websites are visible on search engines and designed to convert traffic into leads. We also produce and manage email newsletters to help keep their audiences engaged and interested.


We’re in it for the long game

We’re not fly-by-nights looking to make a quick buck. We have long standing relationships with our clients based on us delivering results.

The key to our approach and arriving at the right web solution for your business lies in our ability to bring together your knowledge of your business and your target audience and our knowledge of digital marketing and building web solutions.

First we’ll do an audit to work out where you are now and to establish where you want to be. Then, working closely with you, we’ll come up with web-based solutions designed around your business’s needs to take you there.

We’ll always aim to keep things simple for you so you can stay focused on what you do best.

GUMPTION web agency Weybridge Surrey


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of revenue generated from email newsletter


From no leads to
10,000+ B2B leads

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Transformed business start-up sold for £10m+


We’re a small, passionate and responsive team of web experts.

Edward Bowen

Founder and Director

Edward Bowen managed an e-commerce service for a high street retailer before setting up GUMPTION in 2003. He started by putting together a reliable team of developers based in India, which enables us to offer big business solutions at affordable prices. The level of success his clients have experienced has even taken him by surprise.

“We make no secret that our core team of developers is based in India. It’s through their expertise that we can build web applications and services for small businesses that usually only large corporations could afford, giving our clients a distinct and sustainable advantage.”

Cecilya Cicek

Creative Designer

Cecilya is an experienced web designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She has worked for all types of clients, from start-ups to large corporations. She prefers to start with a blank canvas and come up with design that truly reflects the nature of each client’s business and their target audience.

“I believe in challenging the rules of creativity and breaking down boundaries to really express the essence of a brand. Design is my passion and I put my whole heart into every single project.”

Kathryn McCann

Plain English Copywriter

Kathryn joined the GUMPTION team in the early days and has been helping our clients communicate clearly through their websites and email newsletters ever since. With more than 15 years’ copywriting experience, Kathryn excels at crystallising complex messages into clear, compelling copy.

“No matter how technical the subject matter, it’s important that all the relevant people can read and understand your content with ease. Stripping out unnecessary technicalities and explaining any unavoidable jargon is just one of the ways I ensure the copy we produce for clients is engaging and effective.”


They believe in putting the web at the heart of their business

They recognise that the web is a key element to their business by helping them market, streamline and make their businesses scalable (and more saleable). We help them achieve this and make sure the web gives them a competitive advantage.

Many were very new businesses when we started working with them, and we’ve enjoyed helping them develop and grow.


We understand that your ambitions may be bigger than your budget, and that’s OK with us!

We’re happy to invest in the relationship with you to help you leverage the power of the web to build and grow your business. It all starts with a conversation, so please get in touch.

FREE TRIAL: If you’re serious about finding a long-term web partner, we’ll be glad to offer you ten hours’ work free, to show you what we can do. No hard sell and no obligation.

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